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9 active channel RTS intercom with 7-803 stations & 8 RMS300s
8 channels RTS IFB
10 intercom belt packs, 10 IFB beltpacks
1-Lectrosonic Wireless IFB-2 Belt System (system available by request)
6-2 way radios-Motorola Radius P1225

Audio System
Yamaha PM3500-52 input stereo mixer
2-Digicart II w/ZIP 100 drive & GPI ready
Digicart Instant Replay & GPI ready
2 Telos LINK telco to intercom interfaces
Orban 536A sibilance controller
Aphex Aural exciter type3
Marantz PMD321 CD player
4-2 channel DBX 166XL comp/limiter





7-DBX 286A Mic-pre/multi processor
2-Symetrix 501 RMS comp/limiters
7-AT 835A Shotgun microphones
5-Clearcom PLPRO AB 100 Announcer consoles
5-DT190 Announcer boomsets
3-Sennheiser HMD25-1 Annoucer boomsets
1-Rane ME 30, 1/3 octave graphic equalizer
3-EV N/D 4578 stick microphones
3-Sony ECM 55 Lavalier microphones
3-SM58 Beta Microphones
2-Parabolic dishes "Big Ears"
2-Gentner telephone couplers
1-JK Audio Auto Hybrid
2-Lectrosonic wireless lav/stick microphone systems

9-AT 835A Shotgun
3-EV457 N/D stick
1-EV357 N/D stick
3-SM58 Beta stick
5-AT ST95MKII stick
3-Sony ECM 55B Lavs
2-AT Lavs
1-ECM 77B lavalier microphone
2-Parabolic dishes “Big Ears”
2-Lectrosonic wireless lav/stick microphone systems
5-Shure SM 11 utility Lavs

Telco Equipment
8 line AT&T system


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