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'KNO Productions Mobile Unit

has been upgraded

The upgrades include:

• 2-Sony DVW-A500 DigiBeta recorder/player w/505 Analog composite input board.

• EVS - LSM-XT 4 channel disk recorder as a fixed 2CAM configuration with 2 record and 2 play. The software package for the Multicam LSM includes the Basic configuration, Playlist Management, Split Audio Editing, Split Screen, Telestrator Kit with Digitizer, Target Track & Magnify. The Base Module consists of 5X36GB drives (RAID3) for 10 hours of recording at 30Mbps. The Hardware Option consists of Frame Buffer & Keyer/Mixer board. Audio Options include Internal Audio Module embedded + Analog balanced. The final compliment is the Remote Control Unit with LCD and of course complete audio and video monitoring.

Yamaha PM3500-52 input stereo mixing console w/48 mono inputs and 4 stereo inputs

4-band fully parametric EQ on each module, 8 VCA’s supporting VCA grouping, 8 conventional mixing busses, 8 monaural aux busses on every input module of which 4 can be switched in pairs to become stereo Aux busses on the stereo input modules.  All AUX sends are switched pre fader.  Our PM3500 is fitted with Yamaha’s 12 X 12 Mix Matrix function accepting the stereo master busses, the 8 group busses, 2 dedicated Matrix sub inputs and a stereo sub input.  This Mix Matrix feature allows one to create stage monitor mixes from subgroups, create different speaker mixes, feed local and remote programs simultaneously and make mono and stereo mixes from the same subgroups. Redundant power supplies.

Chyron Duet HyperX SD with C-Mix.
Brilliant, SD Graphics and High-Performance Playout
Speed, power and real-time 2D/3D animation crown Chyron’s flagship HyperX® as the world’s leading graphics system. The SD-switchable HyperX is scalable with up to two independent SD channels, optional DVE, eFX Clips and Lyric® PRO advanced creation and playout. The heart of this system is a high-speed graphics engine, enabling creation of spectacular, multi-layer effects and transitions. An open platform ensures interoperability, so that HyperX can take maximum advantage of the latest innovations by integrating the most current video processing hardware. The HyperX features seamless creation-to-playout capability, real-time 2D/3D animation and a host of hardware and software features, including 2D and 3D object import, Advanced Text and Image Effects, Intelligent Interface® and DB Link update, and macro creation/execution.

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