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Tape Equipment

2-Sony DVWA-500 DigiBeta, w/Composite Analog IN/OUT

2-DNF ST300-SSM-T Controllers (4 VTRS per DNF)
3-DVD record/playback.

1-Fast Forward dual removable hard disk recorder with 2 Seagate 73GB drives

1-Lance TDC-100 TD's Disk controller for integration between the Kalypso switcher and Fast Forward or similar devices


1-EVS - LSM-XT 6 channel disk recorder —
4CAM configuration with 4 record and 2 play.
1-EVS - LSM-XT 4 channel disk recorder —
2CAM configuration with 2 record and 2 play
Bothe EVS contain:
Software package for the Multicam LSM: Playlist Management, Split Audio Editing, Split Screen, Telestrator Kit with Digitizer, Target Track & Magnify, 5X36GB drives (RAID3) for 10 hours of recording at 30Mbps Hardware Option: Frame Buffer & Keyer/Mixer board Audio Option: Internal Audio Module Remote Control Unit with LCD Complete audio and video monitoring

1-EVS X-File w/ 2 SATA drives & 1-IDE bay


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