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4-Philips LDK 20S (hard) 16x9
1-Philips LDK20P (sled) 16 x9
3-Hitachi 3000W (handheld) 16 x 9
Camera Accessories
3 Fujinon studio build-up kits for handhelds
3-Fujinon Ah55x--w/2x extender
1-Fujinon Ah66X--w2x extender
1-Fujinon Ah20x--w/2x extender
3-Canon 18x- -w/2x extender
1-Canon 20x—w/2x extender
2-Hitachi/Canon studio buildup kits for handhelds
Other Video Equipment
8-A to D frame synchronizers-GVG


Time Code
1- ESE  TC reader/generator/inserter
PESA Cougar 32 X 32 V/A stereo
PESA Cougar serial digital router (All router equipment with A/V break-a-way)
Lighting Equipment
1 Lowell DP kit (3 instruments, 1KW each)

External Monitors
4-13" Panasonic Color Monitors
8- 9" Panasonic Monitors (4 color-4 B&W).
3-9” flat screen color monitors